.Andy Schneider has been an urban chicken owner since before the abundance of resources and poultry products swarmed the market. Over the years, Andy has researched first hand the best and easiest techniques to enjoy a productive flock of chickens in your very own backyard. Below, you will find products the Chicken Whisperer uses and encourages you to use as well.

Ideal Poultry


IDEAL POULTRY is a family owned and operated business founded in 1937 and located in Cameron, Texas. Our business is built on superior customer service and offering the finest quality poultry from rare white & brown egg layers and broilers to bantams, ducks, geese, turkey, pheasant, chukar and guineas.

IDEAL is the largest supplier of backyard poultry in the United States, shipping close to 5 million chicks annually.

1588 Genesis Hova-Bator

Chicken Whisperer Approved

Chick Fresh

Odor Control Spray

Recommended by Hoovers Hatchery & Coming to a Tractor Supply near you!
Does your coop stink?
Don't get stuck with a smelly coop again!
Not only will you eliminate the horrible odor, but you will also provide a healthier environment for you and your chickens with just a few sprays a day. 
Not only can you use this is your coop, but you can also use this in your cat's litter box, cages, nests, carpets, or furniture.