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Statements are posted daily on the internet in places like Facebook, Twitter, Chicken-related blogs, and forums. Are they always true? No! Some statements are Chicken Poop! These statements read as factual information could be detrimental to the health of your chicken flock. The Chicken Whisperer and other chicken experts are here to help debunk this information and provide you with science-based, fact-based, and study-based information to protect your flock.

Through personal experience, the Chicken Whisperer promotes products that are proven to be worth their value. 

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Everyone wants to meet the Chicken Whisperer! Andy Schneider will travel to your location to provide backyard poultry workshops and host book signings.

The Chicken Whisperer is a well-known public speaker. He has shared his knowledge across the nation to promote backyard poultry. He has been featured in local and national news media, articles, websites, and magazines.

Andy Schneider, better known as the Chicken Whisperer®, has become the go-to guy across the country for anything chickens. He is the host of the very popular, Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer web radio show.

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The Chicken Whisperer's  Guide to Keeping Chickens is a great beginners guide for those just starting out, but experienced chicken keepers will also benefit from reading it! Learn more about the Chicken Whisperer's newest book...



The Chicken Whisperer is proud to present, Chicken Whisperer Magazine! Check it out and learn how to subscribe! Science based, study based, and fact based information for backyard chicken keepers.